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AISI M42 Steel - JIS SKH59 - DIN 1.3247 - Songshun Steel

AISI M42 Steel Round Bar Sheet Plate, JIS SKH59, DIN 1.3247. M42 tool steel is high-speed steel with high cobalt. And it also is called JIS SKH59 and DIN 1.3247 steel. It is mainly used for high toughness precision wear-resistant hardware cold stamping die and cutting tools. It has high toughness and hardness, could reach to 70HRC. AISI P20 Plastic Mould Steel AISI P20 Tool Steel Die Steel Properties AISI P20 is the Pre Hardened Plastic mould steel hardness distributed evenly in large cross sections that have excellent weldability with least hardness elevation, good mirror polishability and less streak texture making finishing easier. Size Section availability upto 255mm thickness. Supply hardness is 240-280 BHN.

AISI P20 Steel - DIN 1.2311 - SCM4 - Songshun Steel

P20 steel round bar sheet plate has many excellent properties. In the pre-hardened status, the mold can be processed without any heat treatment. Which cut down the running period and improves efficiency. And it also is called DIN 1.2311 and SCM4 steel. AISI Type P20 Mold Steel (UNS T51620)AISI Type P20 Mold Steel (UNS T51620) Categories:Metal; Ferrous Metal; Tool Steel; Mold Steel. Material Notes:Commonly used for molds in for plastics injection molding. Information collected from supplier information and the references. Key Words: General Catalog of TOOL STEELS - Hitachi MetalsCold Work Tool Steels Cold Work Tool Steel SLD-MAGIC Hot Work Tool Steels Die Steels For Die Casting Free-cutting elements added Original steel 8% Cr steel Original steel Original steel Original steel Original steel P/M high speed steel Physical properties SLD-MAGIC SLD SGT YCS3 YXM1 YXR3 HAP40 12.2 11.2 13.6 14.3 11.2 11.3 10.3 16.5 20

P20 Steel - West Yorkshire Steel - ISO 9001 Approved

P20 is an alloy tool steel which offers good machineability even in the hardened and tempered (Brinell 300) condition. This steel gives an excellent polished finish and is one of the most widely accepted specifications for machine cut plastic moulds and casting dies. P20 is often supplied in the hardened and tempered condition ready for machining. P20 Tool Steel (40CrMnNiMo8-6-4) Interlloy Engineering P20 Tool Steel (40CrMnNiMo8-6-4) P20 is a plastic mould steel that is usually supplied in a hardened and tempered condition. Exhibiting good machinability with better polishability, compared to 1.2312 (AISI P20+S). Applications:Plastic moulds, frames for plastic pressure dies, hydroforming tools. Colour Code. P20 tool steel chemical composition,mechanical, Physical The basic p20 steel properties description are as follows:- P20 tool steel is normally pre-hardened between 29 to 33 HRC. It has proper mirror polish-capability and its less texture makes finishing more simpler. It maintains uniform hardness throughout even across large blocks.


the cutting force produced in end-milling operation of modified AISI P20 tool steel. The first and second order cutting force equations are developed using the response surface methodology (RSM) to study the effect of four input cutting parameters which is cutting speed, feed rate, radial depth and axial depth of cut on cutting force. Premium P20 Modified - cdna.terasrenkibrochure Welding of Tool Steel. Large mold to produce laundry-baskets. Suitable grade for this molding tool is Premium P20 Modified. Hard-chromium-plating After hardchrome-plating, the tool should be tempered for approx. 4 hours at 350 °F (180°C), within 4 hours of plating in order to avoid hydrogen embrittlement. PolishingP20P20 Is the standard mold steel for machine-cut plastic molds and zinc die casting dies. P20 Is usually supplied in the prehardened condition, about 300 Brinell, for injection molds and zinc die casting dies. While in the prehardened condition, P20 can be nitrided for greater wear resistanoe. It can also be textured in the prehardened state.