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Jul 13, 2017 · 1.- Prepare the bevel leaving two projections (2-3 mm) of clad in the root of both pipes. 2.- Weld the two projections of clad with WPS appropriate for the type of clad. 3.- VT to the clad welding, if you have access and equipment check with inner borescope. 4.- Finish welding with appropriate WPS for pipe material. 5.- Rt the weld Cold Applied Tape Coating System Field Joint (10.16 cm) wide shall be centered, smoothed, and coat the entire surface of the raised girth weld. 5.0 JOINT COATING APPLICATION 5.1 The cold applied joint wrap tape coating systems shall be applied under hand tension or using a hand-wrapping machine capable of maintaining even, constant tension across the width of the tape.

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Pipe lengths (typically 12 meters) are coated in a pipe mill or coating plant, with each end left uncoated (bare steel cutback approx. 150200 mm on each end). These ends are then welded in the field. That weld (field joint) is then coated in the field setting. Pipe Protection Tape System - Pasco Specialty4. Weld beads shall be covered with one wrap or layer of tape prior to spiral wrapping. 5. Tape shall be spirally wrapped the length of the pipe using one half lap for double thickness or 1/2 overlap, depending on the individual installation. 6. When pipe is mill coated, tape must be used on the fittings and joints. To wrap a joint, first Pipes Repair - How To Repair Pipe Weld Joints

  • IntroductionPipeline Data & InformationDetailed Engineering Calculation and Application Method of StatementSurface Preparation of Affected Pipe SectionRebuilding of Affected Pipe SectionPipe Repair WrappingInspection of Pipeline Repair & RehabilitationCathodic Protection Products Anodes, Pipe Coating & WrapsNational Headquarters:New Jersey 411 Elizabeth Avenue Somerset, NJ 08873. Mailing Address:P.O. Box 476 So. Bound Brook, NJ 08880 Email:[email protected] Phone:732-469-5544

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    In addition to standard types of Corrosion Coatings, this division has designed, manufactured, and introduced a number of innovative Underground Pipeline Coatings and Girth Weld Coatings, which have become commercially accepted as standards for the industry.They are both Non-Shielding Coatings and Soil Stress Tolerant.Our product offerings include NHT-5600 2-Part Epoxy with a 30% - 50% Underground steel Pipe Coating Tape , pe pipe wrapping Description . underground steel pipe coating and wrapping materials pe pipe wrap tape thickness 25 mils has high tensile strength and appropriate elongation at break, which makes the mechanical and manual wrap easier. has varieties, specifications, and colors of all kinds, including anti corrosion tape (inner tape), protective tape (outer tape), joint wrap tape, etch primer as well Welding Steel Pipes (Concrete Lined) - Pipeline & CivilComponents of a quality installation include; inspecting the condition of the supplied pipe and making any repairs, certifying the application of the coating system, using experienced and qualified welders, third party testing of welds, using trained and experienced wrappers with a high-quality tape coat system and third-party cathodic protection testing before resealing of the road.

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    450mm Width Thick Pipe Wrap Tape , Steel Pipe Protection Tape 25 Mils. Butyl Rubber Tape. Waterproof Double Sided Butyl Rubber Tape Black Or Gray Color Adhesive Available. Steel Pipeline Butyl Rubber Tape Mastic Putty Filler Material For Pipe Welding And Joints. 3 Ply Inner Butyl Rubber Tape With Double Sided Adhesive For Steel Pipe. Request A wrapping materials for buried steel pipe - pipeline wrap tapewrapping materials for buried pipe is mainly engaged in five series of products, which are Inner Tape, Outer Tape, Joint Tape, Tape Primer, and Putty Tape with 10 categories in nearly 100 specifications.They can be used for the purposes of steel pipe surface corrosion resistance for various pipelines in facility projects of petroleum, petrochemical industry, city gas, oil and gas storage and Pipeline Coatings Discussion:Weld Joint Coating on Sep 16, 2014 · b) clean superficially the two edges of the line coating. c) preheate the joint area to 80-160C (depending on the manufacturer's recommendation) d) if applicable, precoat the bare metal and adjacent FBE with epoxy primer. e) wrap sleeve and secure closure. f) shrink the sleeve on the pipe